Fancy a “crafty beer” in Tenby?


We have discovered one more reason to tempt you to visit Tenby in this beautiful corner of Wales……

We have championed the fantastic local produce of Pembrokeshire in previous posts but we haven’t mentioned the amazing local craft beers we have right on our doorstep in Tenby. The rise of micro breweries has been a development across the UK. New breweries keep on opening, new beer experiments are continually being worked on, and bars and beer retailers continue to scour the globe for the next big thing. All of which means 2017 is set to become an even better year for beer drinkers.

In Tenby we have two excellent examples of micro breweries; we have the Tenby Brewing Co. 


and Tenby Harbwr Brewery .


Both producers supply a number of pubs, restaurants and other retailers across Pembrokeshire so there is plenty of opportunity for you to try one of their many beers during your holiday. You can either sample a pint directly from the barrel or buy some bottles or cans to enjoy in the comfort of your caravan or whilst soaking up some lovely Pembrokeshire sun sitting outside your caravan in our lovely grounds surrounded by birds listening to the waves crash at Wiseman’s Bridge in the distance.


Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

If you would like to enquire about availability please contact us in 01834 811543 or fill in an enquiry form on our website with your information and we will contact you.

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